Drum Tutorials

and Tips

Do you feel rubbish at tunning?

Here’s a chat from leigh the drum on some reasons why you might feel you’re not good at tuning your drums and can’t get the sounds you want.

Double or Single Pedal?

 A few thoughts on a Double pedal & some playing examples of double pedal. Above all enjoy your playing!

How do you build a YouTube channel?

 Here are my thoughts on what musicians aim to do and some tips from my research for you if you want to try. If you want to build a channel, get ready for a lot of graft and I mean a lot of graft! 🙂

Songs are like jigsaws

In this drum lesson, you’ll learn why songs are like jigsaws. Which will hopefully help when learning new songs. 

How to sit at your drum kit

A major problem for many drummers is back and shoulder pains and later hunched back syndrome. Here’s a little video that might help you with this.